Kill GodKill God

"Are you going to use the forbidden power of space?"


"Are you going to use the forbidden power of space?" The God was startled and immediately said bitterly, "You will be scared out of your wits. The bottom of the sea is not like other places. The impact of water pressure and the force of space is enough to shatter your altar. You.." I can't bear it. "You have to try." "Hades said sadly." Brush, brush! The cracks in the space spreading at the bottom of the sea meandered like snakes, and a strange breath came from the underworld. "" The ghost roared to the sky, and the ghost-like body became a shattered mirror, which reflected a shattered world of space. Whoo-hoo! The cracks in the space at the bottom of the sea are like wounds, gradually tearing open, and the torrents outside the interior flash, like demons opening their fangs to engulf everything. This change made Knapton's face change. After looking back, he shouted, "The space mystery of the immortal Triple Heaven!" A ferocious soul, like an ancient demon, with a blue face and fangs, a body like the shadow of a giant mountain, and two hands like a giant pillar of the sky, smashed into the underworld. The divine body, like a broken mirror, was about to be broken. It was blasted by the giant pillar, but it did not bear it directly. It collapsed all of a sudden. The life magnetic field of the ghost was also disappearing rapidly. A wisp of ghost, also dare to use the space forbidden art at the bottom of the sea, simply do not know whether to live or die. "Hum, is it your ghost that can bear the force of space?" Knapton sneered. Hades! Brian drank deeply, with a complicated look in his eyes. "I don't know if this ghost is your real body or not. If it is, then you have to.." Just as he was about to say the word "death", a different color suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he stared at the ghost that should have collapsed and dissipated. The ghost, like an earthworm that had been cut off, wriggled and slowly stuck together under the impetus of some force. Not long after, the ghost's figure came out crooked. Bang, bang, bang! Strong surge of life fluctuations, in the ghost of the nether world, a force of life, rekindled his magnetic field! At the same time, dozens of bright stars, prismatic, conical, oval, square, taupe, silver, khaki and other colors, emerged over the heads of the people fighting. Those stars rolled and turned like shaking stars, shooting meteors down. Each meteor is like a sword, with soul consciousness, Inflatable bouncer , smart to find the breath of life, to launch an attack. The space forbidden art brought up by the nether world, wonderful temporary stagnation, no further spread, those about to break the space, strange condensation into a huge space blade wheel, the wheel is rolling like a millstone, harvesting life. The mask of a shining star stood out in the starry sky, and people looked up at the sky and exclaimed. That man! "The man the five clans are looking for!" "Shiyan!" "It's Shiyan!" "How dare he come back!" The crowd is excited! Ming Mu Lu was ecstatic, and a surge of life energy was replenished in his soul magnetic field, which revitalized his soul magnetic field that was about to collapse. He congealed out again, looked up at Shiyan, his expression shocked, and in a trance, he saw the bloodlust of the past. "The Sea Shark King is in a bad condition. Look at him. If he can't wake up, it may be difficult for him to leave alive." The companion reminds me. Inside the mask, Shiyan looked intently and saw the sea shark emperor bathed in blood all over his body. His eyes flashed with amazement. The form of the sea shark emperor at the moment was clearly the sequela of the profound meaning of violent walk. Because the sea Shark Emperor did not know how to devour the profound meaning, his acupoints did not store negative power. What he burned was his life potential, and what he stimulated was his violent heart. So his condition is more difficult to recover. Looking deeply at the Emperor of the Sea Shark, he took another look at the Lord of God and the Hades, but Shiyan did not speak and continued to run the mystery of the stars. Dozens of stars around him, like stars of life, slowly formed the shape of a giant bear. The giant bear looked down, opened its mouth, and breathed out a breath. It was formed by the meteors on dozens of stars. The breath was as cool as a spring, reaching the top of the sea shark emperor's head. Boom! The Sea Shark Emperor was hit by the meteor spring and sank to the bottom of the sea, but the fanaticism in his eyes gradually disappeared, and Pure Brightness consciousness appeared strangely. Chapter 1456 haven't you woken up yet? In the deep sea, the stars are turning one by one, and the stars shining on the bottom of the sea are brilliant. The rock stood in the stars, the stars flowing like a waterfall, and the stars changed into a silver bear, spitting out a cold spring. Sea Shark King was bombarded by the spring and smashed into the seabed. After he stood firm, the magic in his eyes emerged Pure Brightness. This is The companion was surprised to look at the giant bear formed by dozens of stars beside her. Her beautiful eyes showed a very shocked look. From the silver giant bear, she felt a breath of desolation, which was very unique and very cold. The giant bear, purely derived from the condensation of stars, was lifelike, covered with bright silver halos, and the giant bear condensed by dozens of planets almost covered the sky at the bottom of the sea. This is Ursa Minor! The power of the constellation! Breaking through to the realm of immortality, the profound meaning of Shiyan's stars was raised again. He gathered the star fragments one by one and absorbed them into the beginning, only to discover that the star fragments were originally a constellation that destroyed the sea. The so-called constellation is the intersection of many stars, which are connected with each other. The stars have spirits. When a cluster of star breath exists together for billions of years, there is communication. The soul of the stars can melt together wonderfully, forming the mysterious and incomprehensible power of the constellation. Ursa Minor is the power of the constellation formed by the fusion of the star spirits of dozens of stars. It is the fusion of the star spirits. The gushing of the starstream awakens the Sea Shark Emperor. The Sea Shark Emperor came to his senses. He looked up at Shiyan and said angrily, "Why did you come back?" Shi Yan frowned and ignored him. At the back of his head, the black hole of the soul suddenly emerged, like a demon opening its mouth and suddenly inhaling. In an instant, the shrill cries of countless souls came,Inflatable outdoor park, and those who had been shaken by the means of the Sea Shark Emperor collapsed, leaving only the warrior of the soul altar, all frightened to the extreme.