Xiao Feng Gui by Dou Dou Ma Ma

Jia 2 was sent to Yan, celadon can only pass the message through Jia 1,


Jia 2 was sent to Yan, celadon can only pass the message through Jia 1, although it is the master's meaning, but the refusal is Jia 1, in the end still feel a little embarrassed. The girl didn't know, and I think it's right. She doesn't know anything about the government now, and she doesn't live in the Xie family, and she doesn't associate with other ladies, so it's right not to know. Master Huizhen not only has boundless Buddhist Dharma, but also has unparalleled medical skills. The master came to the master to recuperate his body. Celadon's hand holding the cup stiffened. Hearing this, he could not sit still. He got up and walked a few steps to Jiayi's side. He said quickly, "What's wrong with his body?"? Did the injury a few months ago touch the heart? Or does he have other problems? "The girl needn't worry too much." Seeing that the celadon was in a hurry, Jia quickly soothed him and then said, "The injury a few months ago didn't hurt my heart. Now it's almost healed. The girl doesn't have to blame herself.". The master has been fighting outside these years, and his swords have no eyes. Some of them have healed, but some of them have left the root of the disease. "Although my life is not in danger, my body is not sharp after all, so I come to ask Master Huizhen if there is a good prescription." Hearing this, celadon somehow breathed a sigh of relief, but in the end also did not have the leisurely mood just now, sitting is not standing is not, simply with a fight under the porch,Inflatable meltdown, waiting for childe jade to come back. It took about half an hour for Childe Yu to appear at the end of the corridor. His face was pale and he was sweating all over. He was helped back by a young novice monk! What's going on! Celadon with a Jiayi almost the same action quickly to meet up, one left and one right to hold the childe jade. Celadon wiped his sweat with a handkerchief and asked the round-faced novice monk, "I dare to ask you, little master, what's wrong with him?" "Amitabha." The little novice monk held his hand and made a salute. Almsgiver, don't worry. Shifu has just given him acupuncture, which is beyond his power. It's just that the benefactor can't rest now. He needs to soak the medicinal materials immediately. Then he handed Jiayi a stack of medicine bags in his hand. One bag at a time, boil it thick, soak it all from the neck down,inflatable amusement park, and keep adding water until the juice becomes colorless. "Three days later, please come back to the temple, and Shifu will see you again." Soak it now? Celadon quickly thought about the distance from Xiangguo Temple to the palace, and it would take half an hour to speed up! "Why don't you go to my place?" He whispered to Childe Yu. Celadon's house is on the outskirts of the city, much closer. Childe Yu shook his head in a slight voice. "No need, there is a place." Seeing that he was struggling to speak, Celadon stopped asking where he was and helped him into the carriage with Jiayi. Into the carriage childe jade like no bone crooked in the arms of celadon, celadon also do not care whether he is installed, his face is really as pale as now. Heartache to hold people in his arms, whispered: "What is this acupuncture, so uncomfortable?" Childe Yu curled his lips, and his delicate eyebrows and eyes were infected with grievance. He handed his hand to the celadon. The celadon looked down, and his fingertips were all needle eyes. Then he heard Childe Yu say coolly, "Where is acupuncture? It's clearly bloodletting. If it's not good, I can't take care of the monk who is fishing for fame." Celadon was worried, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, but when he heard this, he was dumbfounded. Still have the strength to clean up people, it seems that there is no problem. "Sister, you are so cruel that I feel terrible!" Childe Yu acted shamelessly, and his whole head was buried in the neck of celadon, which was itchy and crisp. Celadon looked at his body and couldn't push people away, but he couldn't stand the itch, so he had to beg for mercy. "I was wrong. Don't rub it any more. I'm afraid of this." The voice also broke up. Seeing this, Childe Yu was insatiable. That elder sister will accompany me to soak the medicine soup later, otherwise I will not soak! Celadon glared at him, suddenly thought of something, and asked directly: "If you want to soak the soup immediately, why not in the temple?"? Is it difficult to vacate one of the extra rooms? Just now, following the words of the novice monk, I thought of leaving directly. Now I remember that it is more convenient to be in the temple? Childe jade is still on the neck of celadon, see her pink lips open and close, only feel the heart itch, the heart moves to act. Get up and hold the small mouth of celadon chatter directly. This action is too abrupt, celadon staring at the eyes close at hand, the extreme ink dyed with broken gold, beautiful drunk eyes. Childe Yu held the lips of the celadon and did not move, so he looked at her quietly. After a long time, celadon closed his eyes and his stiff body softened. Childe Yu stretched out his hand to embrace the man into his arms, closed his eyes, tossed and turned with great pity, and pried open the lips and tongues of celadon bit by bit. After a long time, they separated. Their lips were all bright red, and their celadon faces were burning hot. They were embarrassed to look at Childe Yu. They just bowed their heads and said quickly, "You haven't said yet. Why didn't Master Huizhen leave you in the temple to soak in the soup?" Childe jade face is still pale, but the face is full of full, full of smiling eyes always looking at celadon. Buddhist important place, elder sister is afraid is not willing to tea Tianxiang to accompany in one side. Celadon ".." Armour drives, when going to the city as quickly and smoothly as possible, suddenly ear tip moves, doubtfully looked at the carriage, just now, is someone hit in the carriage? There was a loud bang. Continue to listen again and no movement came, no longer move static armour also regardless, continue to rush to the city. When the carriage stopped, celadon took the lead in getting down from the car. Jia seemed to wonder why celadon didn't hold Childe Yu down. Celadon ignored him and looked at the house in front of him. The double stone lions in front of the door are made of white jade, with vermilion doors, gilded bronze locks and empty plaques. Celadon already knows where here is, and this is the home of Childe Yu in the near future. When he was missing in the battlefield, there was no preparation here, and now that he's back, of course, he can't be a prince again. This is for him to repair the prince's palace, has been completed, waiting to choose an auspicious day for the king to move in. The emperor personally chose the prince's palace, which was specially repaired for him. Celadon stood in front of the door,Inflatable outdoor park, more than ten years old young general, more than ten years old real power prince, he has walked in front of everyone. joyshineinflatables.com