Magic Mecha King

Angry at the same time, Ding Min is more worried, she is afraid that from now on,


Angry at the same time, Ding Min is more worried, she is afraid that from now on, Mickey no longer needs her, she knows very well that her status today, entirely from Mickey, if she is no longer Mickey's agent, then she will return to the situation of the past, she will return to mediocrity, become an ordinary woman, or even have to become a vassal of men. Ding Min unconsciously looked at Duanmu Ling again, but found that he was still sleeping soundly. What surprised her even more was that Vivian actually held his head in front of her chest and let him sleep on her towering peaks. Such an intimate posture, coupled with Vivian's previous name for him, even a fool knew that his relationship with Vivian was unusual. Humph, gigolo! Ding Min in the heart, in her view, Duanmu Ling is eating soft rice, if there is no Vivian, where dare he like now so arrogant? Duanmu Ling naturally does not know these ideas of Ding Min, otherwise he must feel very uncomfortable, to some extent, Ding Min did not guess wrong, if there is no Vivian, he really dare not be so arrogant, but Ding Min is also wrong, he is not a gigolo, between him and Vivian, is an equal cooperative relationship, or is a mutual need. He needs the strength of Vivian and the Cretan family behind her, and Vivian needs his magic ability,x60 line pipe, well, as to whether there is a relationship between men and women that needs each other, it is not known for the time being. One floor of the Royal Hotel is specially used as a conference room, but now it is used as the scene of the press conference. At ten o'clock sharp, Duanmu Ling, who had slept, appeared in front of everyone holding Michelle's little hand. Their intimate posture instantly became the focus of attention. Ding Min followed Michelle, while Vivian followed Duanmuling on the other side, but she didn't show much intimacy with him. Thank you very much for attending this press conference. I am Duanmuling. After sitting down, Duanmuling slowly glanced at the crowd and said, "I don't want to beat around the Bush. Let's come straight to the point. Today, I want to tell you the truth about Michelle's kidnapping." The cameras were all aimed at Duanmu Ling, and the sound of taking pictures was constant. There was a little noise below. Duanmu Ling paused slightly and then said: "Everyone must have been explained by the police that it was the terrorists of the White Poppy Organization who kidnapped us. However, there are some things that the police don't know, or maybe the police don't want to say, uns s31803 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, although it was the terrorists who kidnapped us directly." But I'm not sure if they're still behind it. "Mr. Duanmu, is there anything else?" A reporter asked, "As far as we know, it was the mecha knights of the Duanmu family who rescued Miss Mitchell, and the police arrived later. The terrorists have been killed. The Duanmu family has also explained that Miss Mitchell was kidnapped by white poppies." "It should be said that it was the police who saved us, but not the Duanmu family." Duanmu Ling smiled faintly, "The mecha knights of the Duanmu family did kill all the white poppy terrorists, but I'm afraid you don't know that after they killed the terrorists, they were also ready to kill me and Mickey together." The words, suddenly sounded an exclamation, then is a silence, because, this matter is too surprising, even, people are frightened! After a full minute or two, a reporter opened his mouth again: "Mr. Duanmu, are you telling the truth?" "Michelle can't lie. You can ask her for confirmation." Duanmu Ling smiled faintly, "At that time, the villa where we were imprisoned was bombed into ruins by Duanmu Bin of the Duanmu family with particle light cannons. After Miqier and I escaped by luck, he chased us all the time." "Well, Duanmu brother is right, that Duanmu Bin is really bad, he wants to kill Duanmu brother, but also to kill me." Michelle added at the right time, and the credibility of the matter immediately rose sharply. Mr. Duanmuling, as far as I know, Duanmubin is dead. Now it can be said that there is no proof of death. Do you have any other evidence? Another reporter asked a question. No, but you can investigate. "Duanmu Ling said casually." So how did you escape? And who killed Duanmubin? Asked another. It's very simple. I killed Duanmubin, so we escaped his pursuit. Duanmu Ling's tone was unusually calm. As a result, there were dozens of seconds of silence, and no one expected that Duanmu Ling would publicly admit the murder in front of so many media. Mr. Duanmuling, what is your relationship with Miss Mitchell? This reporter seems to be more gossipy. We are friends. Duanmu Ling casually said a perfunctory sentence. Mr. Duanmu, you just said that the mastermind behind your kidnapping may not be the white poppy, so do you mean that the real mastermind is the Duanmu family? Suddenly, a reporter asked a question loudly. Duanmu Ling looked at the past a little unexpectedly, and he was a strange male reporter. That's what you said. I didn't say that. Duanmu Ling smiled, "of course, if there are really other instigators, there is no doubt that the Duanmu family is the most suspected." "That's about it, that's all." Vivian whispered in Duanmu Ling's ear, "give it to me next." Duanmu Ling gave her a supercilious look, but then think about it is almost the same, do not have to say everything clearly, then let others guess and discuss it! Just then, the male reporter asked again, and this time his target was Vivian: "Miss Vivian, does your appearance at this press conference today mean that the Crete family has also intervened in this matter?" Duanmu Ling immediately understood that this male reporter was probably already arranged by Vivian, otherwise, how could he cooperate so well with Vivian? "Well,x70 line pipe, it's all right to say so." Vivian Yan ran a smile, immediately let the following many male reporters lost three souls and seven souls. Miss Vivian, can you make it clear? Do you have any special relationship with Miss Mitchell and Mr. Duanmuling? The male reporter who just asked the question was normal and was not affected by Vivian's smile.