A drama wife dressed as a gloomy boss.

She looked at Michelle for so long that she felt a little embarrassed.


She looked at Michelle for so long that she felt a little embarrassed. She took the initiative to say, "What's the matter with Miss Xu?" Xu Junya pondered for a moment and was puzzled: "Did Nanyan follow Chu Wenzhou?" "Well, yes, the second young lady followed Chu Shao." Xu Junya is calm: "But isn't there so many assistants around him?" Michelle could not say that Chu Wenzhou was ill. She was evasive: "If you have an assistant, you still don't feel at ease. It will be better if you follow her." "Is it?" Light two words asked out, no human feelings, Michelle Leng Leng. For a moment, Xu Junya dragged the box to Hang Changze's side. Give it to me, I'll do it. Hang Changze went to pull Xu Junya's box. Xu Junya did not refuse and handed out the pull rod. What are you thinking? Hang Changze saw Xu Junya's thoughtful appearance and could not help asking questions. Xu Junya frowned for a moment and then stretched out: "Nothing, just a little strange." "Hm?" Xu Junya said lightly, "I think Nanyan attaches great importance to this crew." "Yes.". The script is marked with a lot of acting aspects, and it can be seen that they have worked hard. "I just don't understand, it's still early today, there may be a start-up ceremony, she didn't attend such an important event?"? Chu Wenzhou's fever is not a serious illness, isn't there an assistant around him? There is no shortage of people to take care of in the circle. "Chu Wenzhou has a fever?" Hang Changze raised his eyebrows. Xu Junya thought for a moment: "If there is no accident." Hang Changze dragged the suitcase for a while and said thoughtfully, "They have a good relationship. She's worried about Chu Wenzhou." Xu Junya frowned. Even if they are worried, they are not as good as life assistants, not to mention that the two assistants around Chu Wenzhou were chosen by Chu's father to send Chu Wenzhou, really not afraid to help more and more chaos? Besides,x56 line pipe, female number two did not attend the opening ceremony, Xu Junya had never heard of it, even if there were foreigners who did not agree, even if they stood aside, they did not say that they could not go to the scene. Did not answer also want not to understand, Xu Junya does not like to worry about nothing, put this matter down. After checking in,uns c70600, the treatment of the hotel has been upgraded because of the new allocation of funds for the crew. Xu Junya and Hang Changze went back to their room to put things away. As expected, the opening ceremony was held on the set in the afternoon. After lunch break, Xu Junya still didn't see Nanyan when he set out. Won't Nanyan come? Xu Junya asked female number three Yunsong. Yun Song is young, see the thing is simple, shake one's head: "Did not come.". Maybe something happened. Yunsong is simple, but other staff members are not. As soon as her words fell, the people behind them were also discussing the matter. Wow-female number two, she didn't even come to the opening ceremony. Director Guo didn't mention it either. This thigh is awesome. "Guo Dao dares to mention, this play is Chu Shao's investment, she takes Qiao, Guo Dao is not only suffering." "Tut, tut, not simple, not simple, uns s32750 sheet ,x52 line pipe, must serve Chu Shao, serve people very satisfied with it." "Stars, aren't they all like this? Besides, you see less of this kind of thing?" The two men gave out a laugh of unknown meaning, which made Xu Junya uncomfortable. Yun Song's face was shyly, and Xu Junya stopped and turned around. The two staff members were whispering, and there was a little color in the words behind them. Suddenly, they looked up. Xu Junya, the leading actress, looked at them with a frozen face. It was obvious that what they said fell into each other's ears word for word. The smiles of the staff were frozen on their faces. Xu Junya glanced at the two men and said, "Nanyan has her arrangement. Director Guo has agreed. You don't have to gossip in private any more. Don't have a next time." After a pause, he looked down and said, "Xu Hao, Zhang Yilu, I remember." Cold and impersonal. The two staff members didn't feel anything about the deterrence at the beginning. When Xu Junya read out the name on the work card, there was a layer of sweat behind her. Although Xu Junya didn't say anything, the people in the crew knew that she had a friendship with Guo Dao and had a deep background. In a word, they might lose their good job. Miss Xu, misunderstandings are all mistakes. One of them immediately prepared to beg for mercy. Xu Junya, however, didn't even give her a wink. She turned her head and pulled Yunsong. "Where were you just now?" She said lightly. "Go on." I didn't listen to the excuses, and I didn't see them at all. Warned to speak without a sense of propriety, the opening ceremony in the afternoon, Nanyan really did not appear. More or less, the crew still have some complaints. Even though Xu Junya was not human, he also noticed something was wrong with the atmosphere. Hang Changze told her to leave it alone. Xu Junya nodded and said confusedly, "I don't know what the hospital is like." Michelle attended the opening ceremony and ran to the hospital, thinking exactly the same as Xu Junya. No one answered his cell phone. I don't know how Chu Shao's condition is. When Michelle stepped into the hospital, it was getting dark, and the private hospital followed the nurse all the way into the door, just after the most dangerous time. South smoke decision is correct, Chu Wenzhou off the plane temperature began to soar, into the hospital when the temperature is close to 39 degrees, Chu Wenzhou is still using foreign drugs, antipyretics do not know the medicinal properties, is not dare to use casually. In the afternoon, I drew a few tubes of blood, did blood routine biochemistry, and Nanyan was guarding it. Since drugs can not be used, the old method has come in handy. But this time there are only three hands, small round small square and south smoke are busy feet do not touch the ground, constantly rubbing alcohol on Chu Wenzhou. The fever was so fierce that Chu Wenzhou's consciousness was somewhat vague, but he did not faint directly like the one in San Francisco. In the afternoon, Chu Wenzhou,uns s32760 plate, who was too human recently, even asked Nanyan to attend the opening ceremony. South smoke simply black question mark face. Did not agree: "Wait until your fever has subsided." Chu Wenzhou's voice was hoarse and he coughed a few times. "There are small squares and small circles here." "Boss, they are the only ones around you. Don't be too tired. More than one person can always help." Chu Wenzhou thought of something and lowered his eyes slowly: "The opening ceremony is very important to the crew." 。 lksteelpipe.com