A rogue son of heaven

Look at their brothers fall around one by one, no one knows whether


Look at their brothers fall around one by one, no one knows whether the next moment will be their own death in battle, therefore, although it is not everyone's wish to submit to others, but it can not be said that it is not an excellent choice. Therefore, when Fan Gui made such a decision, Xie Lu, Xu Xuan and Kui An did not object. In fact, Fan Gui and they are like brothers, from top to bottom of one mind, which can make the Red Eyebrow Army fight for years without defeat. FanGui arrange red eyebrows in the army, is physically and mentally a little tired, he is also the male of one side, first Liu Xuan and raise the banner of righteousness, but want him to submit to Liu Xuan, this makes him really angry. Of course, hurried to Luoyang, but not all because of Liu Xuan, but because of another person. Fan Gui did a good job in the army, then immediately rushed back to the house, a lot of things still have to be stated to the people waiting in his house. Fan Fu is huge,Calacatta Quartz Slab, but there is a forbidden place, and this mysterious figure is waiting in the secret room. Fan Yi's footsteps hesitated slightly, but Fan Yi appeared at this time. Fan Yi was his adopted son, and Fan could not deny that he was indeed a talented person. Godfather! Fan Yi's expression was still very respectful, and he called out softly. Where is the young master? Fan Gui sighed lightly and asked. Young Lord has been waiting for a long time. Please go in! Fan Yi answered. You wait outside, and no one is allowed to enter here without my orders! Fan Gui gave an exhortation. The child understands! Fan Yi nodded his head. Fan Gui pushed open the heavy door of Xuan Tie, and Zhao Feifei appeared in front of him. National teacher! Zhao Feifei called out very respectfully. Fan Gui waved his hand, but cast his eyes on the figure facing the wall in the room. young master Fan Gui gave a cry. That figure leisurely turned over,White Marble Slabs, but is a very comely face, impressively is Qin Fu! The national teacher has worked hard, please sit down! Qin Fu's tone was also very relaxed. Xie Shaozhu! I have arranged the affairs in the army according to the wishes of the young Lord. Fan Gui said respectfully. Very good! You deserve to be the first loyal minister of Daqin. If he treats me like Daqin, he will not treat the national teacher badly! Qin Fu is not without praise and gratitude. I by the grace of the great Qin Dynasty, more favored by the master of the past Dynasties, in order to restore my great Qin Dynasty, willing to fight a bone! It's just that I don't understand why I went to Luoyang to be sealed by Liu Xuan. Fan Gui asked with a puzzled expression. Liu Xuan is one of the Dharma protectors of this clan, but recently he even killed the master arranged by this clan in the Greenwood Army, and he must have betrayed him. Now he is the son of heaven, master millions of troops, if we fight with him at this time, it is bound to be difficult to win, therefore, we must wait for the opportunity! Qin took a breath again. If he betrays Tianmo Gate, Granite Slab Supplier ,grey marble slab, let me send someone to get his head back. "There are so many masters around him. If my uncle has not lost all his martial arts, it may be possible, but my uncle has lost all his martial arts. What's more, who can easily take down Liu Xuan's head?"? Besides, you're not from Tianmo Gate, and I don't want you to reveal your identity. Qin Fu said. Master lost all his martial arts, but he still made an appointment with Emperor Wu to fight against Mount Tai, isn't that.. Fan Gui was surprised. Uncle didn't want to go down the mountain alive. He had already made arrangements. Even if Emperor Wu wasn't crazy, he couldn't escape the disaster! Qin Fu is not without sentimental tunnel. It was only after a while that Fan Gui said, "Emperor Wu's martial arts are invincible in the world. He has almost reached the realm of a God. Master.." "You can rest assured that in the battle of Mount Tai, Emperor Wu will disappear from the world forever, and perhaps he can drag an evil God into the water!"! In fact, at the top of Mount Tai, my uncle had already buried a thousand catties of gunpowder. As long as it was lit, the whole Jade Emperor Top would fall apart, let alone flesh and blood! Qin Fu must be authentic. Gunpowder? What is that thing? "My uncle is a pedant of Heaven and Man. His martial arts and ingenious devices have all reached their peak. It was when he was practicing alchemy that he had an occasional feeling that he had created these things. As for what they are, I can't tell you, but they can kill a tiger with only two halves. Their power is indescribable!" Qin Fu is not without fascination tunnel. Fan Chong didn't speak, he knew Qin Fu didn't say wrong, Qin Meng is indeed a pedant, more known as the world's most skillful hand, can be compared with it, the world is hard to find one, mechanism skillful even the former emperor Wu is also amazing! If Qin Meng is really prepared on the top of the Jade Emperor, he is sure to succeed. "The important thing at the moment is the old man of Shou Tonghai, who dares to take advantage of his uncle's serious injury and collude with several elders to usurp the throne of this clan.". Therefore, I want to borrow your master to clean up the chaos of the devil door first, you can go to Luoyang to stabilize Liu Xuan, after I cleaned up the matter of the clan, you will immediately meet with me back to the army, and then fight for the central plains. If my estimate is right, Liu Xuanbi is not a wise king who can really cure the world, and Wang Feng and Wang Kuang are not willing to be subordinated to others! Qin Fu flatly said. As soon as Fan Gui's eyes lit up, he suddenly realized something and said, "I understand what the young Lord means." Qin Fu couldn't help laughing. Castellan, I don't know why I'm looking for my subordinates. Jia Fu asked respectfully. There is news that Fan Chong will lead the troops to Liu Xuan, have you heard of this? Lin Miaodan asked. My subordinates have just heard. "What do you think?" Lin Miao asked in reply. Jia Fu was stunned. He didn't quite understand what Lin Miao meant, but he faintly felt something. He said, "If Fan Gui sincerely surrenders to Liu Xuan, then there will be no one in the world who dares to contend with the Green Forest Army. The Han Dynasty will be restored. It's just.." "Just what?" Lin Miao asked in reply. Liu Xuan is not a person who can achieve great things, after getting the world, I'm afraid it will be as harsh as follwed. "Jia Fu said." Why do you think so? Lin Miao asked in reply. As soon as he came to power, he killed General Yin, which showed that he had no tolerance. And its performance in Luoyang is disappointing, unexpectedly because Zhang long uncle offered him two million two silver and an imperial garden, then let this big corrupt official, even let its official to the second grade. Such practices,Artificial Marble Slabs, it can be seen that Liu Xuan is not a really far-sighted figure! "Jia Fu said." I think if Fan Chong really dropped Liu Xuan, I'm afraid it's very bad for the castellan! Jia Fu immediately added. Lin Miao could not help laughing and said, "Mr. Jia is the one who knows me. That's why I asked you to come here." "I will listen to the Lord of the city!" "Jia Fu said." I wonder if Mr. Jia has any suggestions to avoid this? Lin Miao asked in reply. forustone.com