Queen's Survival Diary by Sword Bean

She caught the scent of his clothes again. The aroma of some kind of incense


She caught the scent of his clothes again. The aroma of some kind of incense, and an indescribable smell, is emitted from the human skin, the smell emitted from the pores. Warm, with a touch of cloying sweetness. Yes, in Feng Ping's heart, his body is sweet. When you sweat, the sweat is a little sweet. The taste of the whole person is sweet. She suddenly found that what Tuoba had conveyed to her was more about taste. She rarely had a chance to look at his face carefully, but her nose remembered his smell. When she was young, she often slept together. Her nose always smelled of his hair and skin. Without eyes, her nose told her that he was around. Feng Ping took him by the hand and they went to the Zihuan Palace. The palace people are carrying lanterns behind them. On the night of the twelfth month of the lunar year, dripping water turns into ice, and the air seems to be frozen. On the treetops, there are neat and glittering ice skates. The lanterns shine on them, showing a kind of colorful light interlaced with gold and silver. A gust of cold wind blew, and Feng Ping shivered with cold. Suddenly his body warmed, and it was Tuo Ba who hugged her. Tuo Ba lifted his cloak, wrapped her in it, and hugged her tightly. His voice became a little hoarse and he said, "Is it very cold?" Wrapped by his body temperature, Feng felt warm all over and whispered,interactive whiteboard prices, "It's not cold anymore." Tuo Ba said with a smile, "Why are you wearing so little?" Feng felt his hand on his waist, blushed, and said shyly, "I wear a lot." "Quite a few," said Tuo Ba? Why do I feel like I'm wearing so little? I can feel the flesh as soon as I touch it. Feng Ping did not know why, but his heart beat very fast. Her heart suddenly,touch screen kiosk, panic is particularly severe, she feels that today is a little different from usual. His voice is a little low and hoarse, the tone is a little higher than usual, but not particularly high, a little higher, it sounds exciting, but very restrained, as if deliberately relaxed. She had never heard his voice before, and it felt special and indescribably strange. He hugged her very tightly, and his body was always close to her, and her muscles were a little sore when he pinched her. The words that came out of his mouth were even more strange. He said in a low voice, "What material are you wearing? It feels so thin and slippery." Feng Ping was very nervous and a little puzzled by him. "It's just ordinary satin," he said. "It doesn't look like it," said Tuo Ba. "I don't know," said Feng Ping. Tuo Ba smiled and touched her waist gently, temperature check kiosk ,facial recognization camera, as if feeling her satin fabric. Feng Ping's waist was on fire when she touched it, and his feet were weak. "Have you put on weight?" Said Tuo Ba. Feng Ping shook his head and said, "No." "Then why do I feel fatter?" Said Tuo Ba. He says: "Did not gain weight, be to grow tall?"? Or do you wear thin clothes? Feng felt that his words were a bit incoherent, and he always grabbed the sentence and repeated it, holding her in his arms. Tuo Ba probably did not realize how much strength he had used, but Feng Ping clearly felt that because she was lifted up, her feet were almost unable to touch the ground. Tuo Ba did not realize that he had lifted her up. But he knew that he was so enthusiastic now that he could hardly hold on. The reason was that he had not touched a woman for three months since he went to war. When he was fighting outside, he was busy with something and had no feeling. When he returned to the palace, the warm and charming atmosphere was edified, and the feeling suddenly came, like an avalanche. He felt that he was now strong enough to kill a tiger. I don't know why, but every time he has a special feeling, he especially wants to ride a horse to fight a tiger. The gallop on horseback is somewhat similar to the struggle of wild animals, both of which are boiling with blood. He really wants to have a good time now. He did not intend to do anything to Feng Ping, but it was possible that he had not seen her for a few months, and he suddenly felt that she was a bit like a woman. With his body close together at this time, he felt a little out of control. Feng Ping has always been a little girl in his eyes. Although they were husband and wife, he had never tried to have that kind of relationship with her. He felt a little embarrassed to do it. It was strange. I don't know where to start, so he's talking topsy-turvy. In the end, Feng Ping was wrapped up by Tuo Ba. She was strangled by him, and she felt a little pain in her stomach, but she couldn't say. She was held by him dizzy, people were carried, back and forth can not touch the ground, there is no way to see the road, feet passively follow the body, the foot has been empty. Several times, she was so dizzy that she almost fell. Tuo Ba lifted her up again and said in a sweet and hoarse voice: "Be careful.." Frightened by his voice, Feng Ping's heartbeat became more unstable, and he somersaulted more frequently. Then Tuo Ba said sweetly, "You can't walk any more. Forget it. I'll take you back." So he was as strong as an ox and picked up Feng Ping. He was really as strong as an ox, and when he raised his arms, he felt as if he had lifted a grass. He exclaimed, "Ho!" The tone seemed to say, "Ho!"! I am as strong as an ox! Feng Pinggang said, "No." She was not clean and was afraid of touching him. As soon as the voice fell, the man had already fallen into his arms. Tuo Ba's movements were so big and sudden that she felt she was almost going out, and her brain was shaking. Tuo Ba feels very cool. He thought Feng Ping said no because he was afraid it was too heavy for him to lift. His legs were straight and his arms were like iron. He felt a bear living in his body and said, "Ho ho, I can lift ten more little Feng." Chapter 63 Li Shi. Because he did not hear the eunuch, when the emperor arrived at the gate of the palace, Han Liner and Pearl heard the sound and hurried to meet him with lanterns. Very not easy to catch up with the emperor in front of the door, can kneel down, heard a happy man laughter, breath a little urgent,digital signage kiosk, as if still running. They are listening, Tuo Ba Kui on a gust of wind like the roll in, the hands are still carrying a person. Who did you say you carried? It's his own master. The two of them hugged each other and were jubilant. hsdtouch.com