Deceitful world (end)

But Zhao Pu army pressure, they also dare not make a second,


But Zhao Pu army pressure, they also dare not make a second, can say. One hundred thousand troops, even if successfully entered the demon city, they also can not get half a point of benefit, so also scattered. Songjiang House once again restored tranquility, and the people in the streets and lanes finally looked happy. The demon city in the distance, which had been worrying for months, was finally gone, and it was possible to sleep soundly. That night all the people rest, no words, go to bed early. Bai Yutang's internal injury has not fully recovered, Min Xiuxiu gave him a tranquilizing medicine, forcing him to eat something to sleep, but Bai Yutang saw the crowd dispersed and woke up again, want to get up, but see not far away there is also a bed, Zhanzhao is lying down. Min Xiuxiu's tranquilizer was quite strong. Bai Yutang felt light-headed. Just as he wanted to get out of bed, he heard Zhanzhao turn over and mutter,digital interactive whiteboard, "Sister-in-law said that if she dared to get out of bed, she would break her leg." Bai Yutang smiled bitterly. "Gongsun just said that Aunt Mei is not dead, and she is resting after being cured. At least she won't wake up until tomorrow." Zhanzhao hugged the stone that came to rub the bed, buried his face in the soft white fluff, and rubbed it comfortably. "Go to sleep. Let's talk about it tomorrow morning." After hearing Zhanzhao's words, Bai Yutang also lay down and soon fell asleep. I don't know how long I slept, but I felt very comfortable in the warm bedding. I was really lazy and just wanted to stay. Outside the sky is getting brighter and brighter,digital touch screen board, Bai Yutang's medicine also gradually woke up, only felt that there is something moving around, moving around is quite soft. Turning his face and opening his eyes, he saw Zhanzhao leaning against the head of the bed, teasing a small white cat on the bed with the small four son lying at the end of the bed, which was moving and soft, and was the tail of the small white cat. Under the bed, the rocks and scissors are all there, licking the fur. The door was unclosed, and Gongsun Min Xiuxiu could be heard speaking softly at the door. Xu Qing seemed to be chatting with people outside the courtyard at the top of his voice, and his voice could also be heard. There is also the unique birdsong of the trapped island. Maybe it's time for dinner. Waves of fragrance waft in. Bai Yutang only feels hungry. Yo. Zhanzhao reached out his hand and poked him in the cheek. "I woke up. I thought what sister-in-law gave you was not a tranquilizer but a sweat medicine." Bai Yutang opened his eyes and woke up completely. He looked at Zhanzhao and smiled. "Cat, your sister-in-law's cry is really smooth." Zhanzhao blushed and squinted at Bai Yutang. In vain. Small four son has been very worried since Bai Yutang was captured, came back everyone is busy, also did not attend to speak, 65 inch smart board ,smartboard for business, this time see can be considered to seize the opportunity, rushed over to embrace. Zhanzhao reached out and patted Xiao Sizi, "Xiao Sizi, tell him that he fell asleep in the morning and talked in his sleep!" Bai Yutang was stunned. The fourth son looked at Bai Yutang with a bad smile and went back to Zhanzhao's bosom without saying anything. Bai Yutang is even more embarrassed, he will not say anything strange, right? Three people in the room are looking at each other, the door opened, Zhao Pu came in, followed by the purple shadow ochre shadow with food, and Gongsun carrying a medicine box. Are you awake? When Zhao Pu saw that Bai Yutang and Zhanzhao were both in good spirits, he reached over and held Xiao Sizi in his arms and handed him to Xiao Liang. Purple Shadow and Ochre Shadow set the table for dinner. Seeing Zhao Pu's calm face, Zhanzhao asked, "What's wrong?" "Tut.." Zhao Pu shook his head. "Don't mention it." Bai Yutang and Zhanzhao looked at each other and looked at him in puzzlement. Gongsun felt Bai Yutang's pulse to see how he was doing and said, "It's all evil. The big tortoise-shaped stone on the west side of Xiaoyao Island is gone." "Huh?" Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang were startled and said that it was really evil. The stone was tall and shaped like a big turtle crawling to see the sea with a long neck. It was a scene on Xiaoyao Island. How could it be gone? It's impossible to fall into the sea. Has it been stolen? But this stone is huge, at least a thousand pounds, how can it be taken away? The tortoise is gone? Xiao Sizi liked the stone very much and asked Xiao Liang in surprise. Xiao Liang also nodded, "I lost it yesterday!" "Did it roll into the sea or something?" Zhan Zhao wondered. It seems to have been chopped up and thrown into the sea in the end. Ochre shadow shook his head, "it is estimated that while no one on the island, to engage in destruction." "There is no one on the island. If you want to destroy a house, you can set fire to it. Why do you have to cut down a big stone that is useless?" Bai Yutang doesn't understand. Gongsun frowned and said, "I've done some research on that stone before. It's not natural, it's more like artificial." I thought the boatman on the island was bored before, but when I asked if it was not, I put it like that, but I didn't expect it to be destroyed. "Does this stone have anything to do with the ghost face man going to the island before?" Zhanzhao said, pondering for a moment, "don't say, it's quite like the Turtle Mountain on the back of the demon city." "Yes." Gongsun also nodded "Who cares?" Zhao Pu shook his head, "anyway, the island is now clear, no one, the seaside organs are also the drainage army as a whole checked, all have sunk to the bottom of the sea with the demon city, now the waterway is safe, outsiders are difficult to go to the island, take what you want to take away." Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao both nodded and bowed their heads to eat. Gongsun gave Bai Yutang some more medicine, saying that he would be fine after a few days of rest. "Where is Aunt Mei?" Zhanzhao asked. "It's all right for the time being." Gongsun answered in a low voice. Both Bai Yutang and Zhanzhao had a bad feeling. "For the time being?" Gongsun looked at Zhao Pu, and Zhao Pu led Xiao Sizi and Xiao Liang out to play. Ying Wei closed the door, leaving Zhanzhao Baiyutang and Gongsun in the house. I'm afraid Aunt May won't live long. Gongsun's face sank and he said to them seriously, "She had a problem with her body, but now she has lost too much blood. I found that she could hardly recover herself, so she was very weak.". The high fever has not subsided until now, and I can't eat anything. "Can't you save it?" Zhan Zhao frowned and felt sorry. Uh Gongsun nodded helplessly and said regretfully,smart boards for conference rooms, "I also want to save her, but unfortunately she has physical problems and can't be saved." Both Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang felt uncomfortable and sat at the table without speaking. In the afternoon, Min Xiuxiu came to tell Bai Yutang that Aunt Mei had woken up and wanted to see them.