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Avalokitesvara seemed to understand. She knew that Tang Sanzang didn't want to expose her identity too much, but she didn't dare to accept the full gift.


Avalokitesvara seemed to understand. She knew that Tang Sanzang didn't want to expose her identity too much, but she didn't dare to accept the full gift. Ying Ying returned the gift to Tang Sanzang and said, "Golden cicada, in your previous life, you didn't have to be inferior to me, but you didn't have to be so polite." As she spoke, Guanyin regained her true body, dressed in white, with a high bun on her head and a jade vase in her hand, in which two willow branches were inserted like emeralds. The most attractive thing is her face, the oval face is full of immortal posture, a pair of beautiful eyes are full of broad love for all things in the world, you can imagine the warm and noble feelings rising in the hearts of people she has looked at, it is really a compassionate Guanyin. When the Tang Priest saw her like this, he couldn't help being a little surprised. "I didn't expect her to make such rapid progress. When I was in Chang'an, I had never seen her with such a strong appeal." I don't know what Master Guanyin wants to do when he comes here. Tang Sanzang said with a smile, his eyes full of appreciation. Blood Lotus ancient Buddha thought that the monkey was too naughty, wild and untamed, and needed to be restrained. We are here to help you solve this problem. With a wave of his finger, the suit of clothes and hat beside him slowly floated up and went straight to the Tang Priest. Tang Sanzang could see at a glance that it was written by the blood lotus. Only he could steal things like this, and he was very righteous. This suit,Iron Nail Making Machine, look at that style, is clearly what Sun Wukong wore in the Journey to the West. [Lich Number Robbery Chapter 129 Disciple Killing, Division Killing (III)] The Tang Priest caught the clothes in his hand and asked knowingly, "Master Guanyin, can this suit of clothes control my naughty disciple?" Guanyin gave a clear smile and said, "The ancient Buddha said that he understood the monkey's bad nature. It will not be long before the monkey will come back. If you show him this suit of clothes, he will be happy to put it on.". Then you take out the hat. He must have taken it directly on his head. After putting on the hat, the gold hoop inside the hat can't be taken off. I will teach you a set of magic spell. If he is not obedient,Nail production machine, you can recite the magic spell to make sure he is obedient. "Guanyin Bodhisattva," said the Tang Priest hesitantly, "isn't that a good idea? Besides, with this thing, my disciple may not wear it. Guanyin said, "You can rest assured that after five hundred years of suppression, although there have been some changes in this monkey head, there will be no change in that mind."? Come on, we'll teach you the magic spell. Maybe you'll need it! With these words, Guanyin put her finger between the Tang Priest's eyebrows and pressed it, and the whole incantation was imprinted in his heart. Touching his eyebrows and feeling the glitter, the Tang Priest sighed with emotion in his heart: "I have a feeling, which means we are not eunuchs.." When Master Guanyin saw that Tang Sanzang was like this, he was stunned at first, then he seemed to understand something and was relieved. Then he left without saying anything more to Tang Sanzang. Seeing that Guanyin had left, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, Tang Sanzang had no interest in wandering around, so he went back to his room and lay down on the bed. When he was about to go to sleep, suddenly a loud voice came out. It's the sound of hooves! Tang Sanzang's expression suddenly changed, and at this time, the noise outside the house began: The horse thief is coming! The horse thief is coming! A cry of surprise came, and then, amid the noise, came the cry of a child. The Tang Priest could not lie down at this time, so he jumped up and opened the door. Just as a figure bumped into him, he saw that it was the landlord. When the landlord saw the Tang Priest, he said excitedly, "The horse thief is extremely fierce. The elder should leave quickly." With that, the old man pulled the Tang Priest to run outside. Why don't you run away, old man? Asked the Tang Priest. Then take out a section of sharp spiral, end to end, after a section of connection, immediately became a killing weapon. Alas, I am getting old. If I don't stay here to block the horse thief, I will drag down the younger generation. Now that they have stayed, maybe the dolls can escape and survive. Said the old man, not noticing. Tang Sanzang has a weapon to kill people. Still strong body, quickly pulled the Tang Priest back and forth, and at this time, some chaotic small villages, also began to calm down. Only then did Tang Sanzang notice that almost all the old people were standing at the entrance of the village! They either hold hoes or carry wood knives. Or face the wooden fence in front. Orderly, without a trace of noise, strong dynamic and static contrast, let Tang Sanzang feel their decisiveness. Their determination. The Tang Priest naturally understood that these old people wanted to die, but the purpose was just to give their children a little time to escape! "Elder, you escape along this road, where you can escape, where you can escape." The old man who was talking suddenly stopped and looked at the rotating gun in the Tang Priest's hand in surprise. He looked at Tang Sanzang in an incredible way. He had not seen the monks who led people to good. He had seen the most pedantic monk, but it was the first time he had met a monk with a gun. The Buddha was angry with King Ming, but the poor monk could not see everyone suffering and was indifferent. He also asked the old man to pull my horse so that he could fight with the horse thief! If killing a wicked man can save more people, he will go to hell. Even Monk Ping is willing to do so. The Tang Priest opened his mouth. With that, he held a long gun. They often step away from the village entrance. When the old man heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly reacted and went to lead Tang Sanzang's horse. The elders, now the horse thief rushed, so gathered together, but it is not good. The Tang Priest saw that they were crowded together without any rules. If the horse thief rushed over, he would absolutely collapse, so he opened his mouth to remind them. If he was in command, the situation would certainly be much better, although these people formed a team, is a pair of old and weak soldiers. "This is the Tang elder from the Tang Dynasty. He is the younger brother of the King of Tang, but tonight he is going to help me stop the horse thief. Don't misunderstand." The old man who brought the Tang Priest's horse saw that the crowd did not respond, and looked at the Tang Priest with some precautions. He immediately opened his mouth to explain,wire nail making machine, and then looked at Tang Sanzang with some apologies. In that case, please ask the elder to arrange it. In the crowd, a relatively old man spoke. 3shardware.com