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China Pharmaceutical Grinder Product Description The Medicine powder grinder is equipped with a dust box to collect dust during the grinding process. It can grind the same material as the multi-purpose grinder, but with an additional dust collector. Medicine powder grinder is mainly suitable for food, grain, medicinal materials, chemicals, medicines, condiments, etc., such as pepper, sugar, rock sugar, salt, pepper, oil wheat, star anise, cinnamon, soaking water and picking up rice. The fineness can be replaced within the thickness of the 10-120 mesh screen. Product parameters ModelProduction CapacityFeeding SizeSpindle SpeedCrushing FinenessCrushing motorDust collecting motor 15BIV.V.VI10-50kg/h6mm6000r/min20-120mesh2.2kw0.55kw 20BIV.V.VI60-150kg/h6mm4500r/min20-120mesh4kw1.5kw 30BIV.V.VI100-400kg/h10mm3800r/min20-120mesh5.5kw1.5kw 40BIV.V.VI160-1000kg/h12mm3400r/min20-120mesh11kw1.5KW Working principle Medicine powder grinder consists of feeder, classification wheel, crushing blade, gear, crushing motor, discharge door, fan, dust box, dust box and so on. Any raw material enters the crushing chamber through the upper feeder and is crushed by the crusher. High-speed blades. The fineness of the finished product is adjusted by adjusting the distance between the grading wheel and the grading disc. The high-speed fan guides the crushed materials from the crushing chamber to the discharge door through negative pressure, while the uncrushed materials remain in the crushing chamber. The dust generated by grinding is filtered and recovered by the filter of the cloth bag or dust box. The whole machine is designed according to GMP standard and made of stainless steel. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and cleaning, low noise, large output, and avoiding dust flying during the production process. Feature Medicine powder grinder is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, and has the characteristics of cold air, no sieve, no sieve and so on. Not limited by the viscosity, hardness, softness or fiber shape of the raw material, it works well with all materials, especially those with fibrous and oily herbs. Application Medicine powder grinder is suitable for the grinding of various and small amounts of Chinese herbal medicines, precious medicinal materials, ores and chemical raw materials in medicine, agriculture, food, chemical industry, alloys, metallurgy, geology, scientific research and other units. The machine adopts a fully enclosed silencing structure to reduce noise. The machine is equipped with a cooling device to reduce the temperature of the machine and work more smoothly.China Pharmaceutical Grinder website: