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China Anti-bacterial Flooring suppliers Deep cultivation in the pharmaceutical industry, segmented products to meet the different needs of the pharmaceutical industry for the floor; Efforts to build the medical industry floor technology, customization to provide targeted solutions for medical industry floor. The pharmaceutical epoxy flooring was born at the right moment. Packaging Delivery Selling Units: Single item Single package size: 650*650*1630 mm, 275*275*1530 mm Single gross weight: 40KG Package Type: carton Port: Shanghai/Ningbo GEMP pharmaceutical epoxy flooring has advantages in structure that the traditional floor materials can not match.It mainly composes of four structural layers: Base layer Distinct dorsal bump, strong adhesion, easy to pave Elastic layer Toughened polymer epoxy resin curing system, good elasticity, excellent structural stability, made the noise lower, the road more comfortable Reinforcement layer High-performance composites technology of special glassfiber, reinforced modified epoxy resin, overcame the original ground material brittle and easy to peel defects Wear-resistant layer The compound modified epoxy resin system based on different formulations, designed to meet the different industrial and commercial use of the ground requirements. The composite structure of GEMP Flooring enables itself an excellent performance. It is fully applicable to the complex and changeable industrial ground. Advantages of our flooring roll are as follows: Our flooring combines the advantages of epoxy floor paint and PVC聽flooring and overcomes their shortcomings.The comparison chart is as follows: FAQ Q: How many colors can you provide? A: Grey and green are our regular colors .We can customize the color according to Raul color card based on customers鈥檙equirements. Q: Will color of the floor fade easily during application? A: Our floors are suitable for indoor ground and have great color fastening performance. The color of our floor is very stable and will hardly fade. Q: How is your product installed? What is the process? A: We use the special adhesive鈥斺€擯olyurethane Two-component Glue to paste. The main process of paving is as follows: (1) Pre-paving, Cutting; (2) Scraping Glue; (3) Paving; (4) Rolling Bubble; (5) Slotting; (6) Caulking. Q: How long is your production lead time? A: It depends on order quantity. Normally, it takes us 7 days for MOQ.China Anti-bacterial Flooring suppliers website: