Golden Silkworm (supernatural fantasy) Author: Hua Xinfeng

After eating, there was no fun in the amusement park, but Xiaolong wanted a bumper car. There were expired ones.


After eating, there was no fun in the amusement park, but Xiaolong wanted a bumper car. There were expired ones. The administrator tried to sell them. Xiaolong wanted to take the car back on the spot. But Zhang Jingchu was an adult after all. He was not willing to take his abandoned car. Instead, he asked where to sell this kind of car, and then made a phone call. So, when they went back, the car that Xiaolong wanted had already been delivered to the door, and it had enough electricity. Before that, the little dragon scared away the birds in the bamboo forest, frightened the three peacocks who were spreading their tails, and the two dolphins who were performing refused to show up again. Finally, the whole zoo was sad with the little guy's mood. No matter how the zoo turned upside down, the little dragon who came out of the zoo was very good, because he finally touched the steering wheel. Then Zhang Jingchu regretted it. Only then did he realize that there must be a reason for something to be banned, and that he had trusted Xiaolong's aggrieved eyes too much before. Xiaolong just drove the small bumper car he had just got on the road. Not only that, he also forced Zhang Jingchu to sit next to him and experience the excitement of driving bumper cars on the highway together. The little guy didn't have any concept of traffic lights in mind, so he held the steering wheel and drove all the way back along the bus route they took when they came out. Zhang Jingchu was holding an escape amulet in his hand and was ready to escape at any time. As for showing magic in front of mortals, he didn't care. His life was the most important thing. Fortunately, Xiaolong did not give his escape amulet a chance to play a role, and the two men returned safely to S University. The security guard at the East Gate foolishly watched Xiaolong drive a small bumper car swaggering in from one side of the non-motorized lane without asking a word. By the time he opened the door, Xiaolong's mood index had soared unprecedentedly. As soon as the door opened, Zhang Jingchu noticed the strange atmosphere in the room. Zhang Jingchu said,phycocyanin spirulina, "People have arrived, I went back first." Then he pinched the escape amulet that had not been used all the way, and escaped on the spot. " I haven't pulled my car in yet. Xiaolong was very dissatisfied. Just your old car. Is that also called a car? The face of the golden silkworm is so black that you can write with a little water. Small dragon is discontented, "mosquito again small that also is meat?"? Don't bite people when you can't eat meat! "You eat mosquito meat!" The golden silkworm glared at the dragon. Golden Silkworm, say less! Wu Yun, whose expression had been very strange before, finally reacted and quickly put out all the flames before the two small fires came up, "Xu, how did you get that car?" "I drove all the way here." Xiaolong answered proudly. Poof- "The golden silkworm laughed without any face.". Wu Yun looked at the golden silkworm lightly and then asked Xiaolong, "did Zhang Jingchu agree?" "He refused at first, but then he got on the bus." "That's good, turmeric extract powder ,turmeric extract powder," Wu Yun nodded. "Golden Silkworm, go and help bring the car in." "Wu Yun-" the golden silkworm refused to move. Wu Yun sighed helplessly, "don't you always want me to think about it?" "How long do you have to think about it?" "Wait until you move out here." "No!"! What if you never move? The golden silkworm also has a long mind. Wu Yun choked, "within a year." "No, it's too long!" The golden silkworm rolled his black eyes. "Three days. Three days to think about a question. That's enough." "What are you thinking about?" Xiaolong interrupted. The golden silkworm proudly raised his chin, "when will Wu Yun and I get married?" "What marriage?" This question is a double pronunciation, from Xiaolong and Wu Yun respectively. Isn't it a marriage to be together for a lifetime? The golden silkworm took it for granted. "At that time, I heard Han Yang tell the wizard that he would go to that foreign country to marry the wizard.". But they said it wasn't a marriage, they were married. Wu Yun, think about it quickly. When do you want us to get married? I said yes Wu Yun is frightened. He remembered the moral and emotional problems that had been discussed before, such as whether he could like it or not. How could things turn into a question of when to get married when it came to the mouth of the golden silkworm? The logic of the golden silkworm is too jumpy. Wu Yun deeply felt that he was really old, and that it was not without basis that those female college students on the BBS called themselves uncle. He can't keep up with the thinking of young people. Although, Wu Yun had to admit that when he heard those two words, his heart really paused, and then his mind could not help but appear the scene of exchanging rings and vows that he had never thought of since he entered adolescence. So he, a man of twenty-six who had just crossed the late marriage line, was tempted to get married by a child who looked fourteen years old outside, but in fact an old insect of seventy-nine years old. He really wants to get married! Wu Yun has always had a deep yearning for marriage, which is different from that of young people nowadays. Wu Yun liked to play the game of getting married most when he was very young and played home wine with little girls. Holding the little girl's hand, in the tender voice, "one worship heaven and earth, two worship high hall", in the eyes of Wu Yun when he was a child, is the most sacred thing. Later, when his parents divorced, he followed his mother to live in the court family building where his stepfather lived, but he never had a chance to play such a game again. Later, in adolescence, he knew that he liked the same sex, so he gave up the idea of marriage, but also let the word "marriage" become the most sacred and untouchable word in his heart. Then, picked up the golden silkworm, made a contract, chose a lonely life, so marriage became a dream that can no longer be expected. But now, the golden silkworm who stared at his choice of "loneliness" actually told himself that he wanted to marry himself, but also let himself think about the time quickly? Wu Yun felt that his brain was not enough. For a moment,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, Wu Yun almost wanted to nod. Next to him came the little dragon's scream, "No, no!"! You're married to Wu Yun. What about me? 。