Wanli was silent for a while and then said slowly, Yes, after Ye Chuzhou talked to me, I didn't come to ask you.


Wanli was silent for a while and then said slowly, Yes, after Ye Chuzhou talked to me, I didn't come to ask you. I wanted to make a decision for myself. If I asked you, you would definitely disapprove of my going. Kang Jiping said, so, in the end, you decided not to go with Ye Chuzhou, you still blame me? Wanli's tears were in her eyes again, and she herself did not understand what was going on. In front of Kang Jiping, she was like a little sister who had been wronged. In the process of getting along with Ye Chuzhou, she also felt that Ye Chuzhou and Kang Jiping had some similarities, but slowly, she felt more and more that Ye Chuzhou and Kang Jiping were different, although Ye Chuzhou sometimes cared about her like Kang Jiping, and the way he spoke was even a bit like Kang Jiping, but she never wanted to cry in front of him. There is no weak and helpless need to rely on the feeling, on the contrary, in front of Ye Chuzhou, Wanli will have a kind of fighting spirit, will feel very strong, will feel that they are invincible. Kang Jiping saw Wanli sad, he felt bad, he reached out to hold Wanli's hand, Wanli did not move,plastic cosmetic tubes, did not pull back his hand, so stopped for a while, Kang Jiping said, Wanli, you are still young. Wanli said, I am not young, and young people come in one after another. Kang Jiping said: Wanli, will you wait for another two years? I will wait with you. If there is no turnaround in two years, I will support you and accompany you. If I am still alive at that time. Wanli Qi Dao,empty lotion tubes, what are you talking about. When Wanli returned to the office, Chief Liu said, Wanli, why did you quarrel with Li Qiu? Wanli snorted and said, "The villain complains first.". Chief Liu said that Minister Ji had called you and asked you to go to his office. Wanli went over and explained the situation to Minister Ji. Finally, she said, "Minister Ji, I promise I didn't tell a lie.". Minister Ji said, "Xiao Wan, I believe in you. We all know your personality, and we all know Li Qiu's situation. Peaches and plums are silent, and a path is formed under them.". As he spoke, Minister Ji became angry and said angrily, "What is it? Isn't it just a spider spirit and an iron abacus? Xiao Wan, we ignore her.". Wanli was originally prepared to get a meal, never thought that Minister Ji was such an attitude, and even called out the ugly nickname of Li Qiu, Wanli was stunned, cosmetic tube packaging ,aluminium laminated tube, temporarily stunned there. Minister Ji said, "Xiao Wan, it's a trivial matter. Don't be angry. You can go back to work at ease.". Wanli nodded her head. Just as she was about to leave Minister Ji's office, Minister Ji suddenly stopped her with a cry of "ah", as if he wanted to say something to her. But after thinking about it, he swallowed what he wanted to say. He smiled at her and changed his tune. Xiao Wan, this Li Qiu, male comrades all want to cry at her. Don't take it to heart. If she doesn't report it to you, I'll report it with the Ministry. Disposal of special funds. Wanli hardly knew how she got out of Minister Ji's office. Minister Ji's attitude was so unexpected that she was both flattered and confused. She felt uneasy, as if waiting for something big to happen. But until that day after work, everything in the office was calm and normal. Wanli pushed her bicycle out of the office compound and saw people coming and going on the street. Everything was still the same. She breathed a deep sigh of relief and her heart returned to its original position. But that night very late, Wanli suddenly received a phone call from Kang Jiping, Kang Jiping's voice permeated with irrepressible excitement, Wanli, Pingjian just left! Wanli did not react for a moment and said mechanically, "Gone?"? Where to go? Kang Jiping said that he went to support other provinces and was transferred far away. Wanli's scalp was numb, but she still couldn't react for a while. After a while, she remembered to ask who would be the leader of Nanzhou. Kang Jiping said, Wen Shu. Wen Shu? Wanli said the name in her mouth. She seemed to be familiar with the name. She thought about it and remembered it. She asked Kang Jiping, Wen Shu, did he go out from Nanzhou, work in the province first, and then follow the old governor to the Central Committee and work in the Central Policy Research Office? Kang Jiping said it was him. Wanli, let me tell you a piece of news. Ye Chuzhou's Xiangjing Lake action, including the article in the provincial newspaper advocating the great pace of reform and opening up in Nanzhou, was strongly supported by Wen Shu. Ye Chuzhou decided to make such a big move through Wen Shu's understanding of the ideas of Secretary Zhou of the Provincial Party Committee. Of course, it also included propaganda actions. When Wanli heard this, there was a "boom" in her mind. Kang Jiping continued to say, so Wanli, you can also understand, is Ye Chuzhou and asked to join hands to get away from the flat sword just, but their cleverness, is that they did not directly from the political start, flat sword just this person, political sense of smell is very sensitive, if he sniffed out what taste in advance, he will immediately take measures to turn passive into active, He had this ability and this level, so Xiang Wen and Ye Chuzhou evaded this point and started from the economic point of view. Ping Jiangang was negligent. He thought that as long as he did not have political problems, there would be no problems. But he forgot that sometimes politics would be shown in the face of economy. Ping Jiangang, who had been cautious, finally made a mistake and fell down. Wanli said that because of this, she was transferred to other provinces? Kang Jiping said that transferring to other provinces is the need of work and the trust of the organization. In fact, Ping Jiangang is also ignorant of the current affairs, has been planted, on the recognition of planting, a better attitude, not to fall into this step, but to ask and Ye Chuzhou is what role? The trap they gave him was a series of traps, one after another. After the article of the provincial newspaper came out, Ping Jiangang not only asked the provincial newspaper for punishment, but also took the provincial newspaper to see Secretary Zhou of the Provincial Party Committee. He pointed to the above paragraph and criticized it, not knowing that it was Secretary Zhou himself who said it. This is not enough. After learning about Secretary Zhou's attitude, Ping Jiangang went to Beijing again. He even wanted to fight with Secretary Zhou. His ambition was really commendable. But in Beijing, the only person he could get along with was the old governor. He was looking for the old governor through Wen Shu. Think about it,plastic laminated tube, wasn't it sent to the door in vain? Therefore, from top to bottom, we all know that Ping Jiangang is the opposite of reform and opening up. emptycosmetictubes.com