Get into trouble with the CEO, the king of the underworld

And she moved slightly and opened her eyes bleakly. In the bright line of sight, I saw his melancholy handsome face.


And she moved slightly and opened her eyes bleakly. In the bright line of sight, I saw his melancholy handsome face. It's a little strange. Why does he look at himself like that? What's wrong with him? ? Why the fundus What about the pain? Lu Xiaoyu felt a little tired, but she didn't know what had happened before. Butterfly Love Flower Academy seems to have had a very long dream. When I woke up, I just felt very tired, but I forgot everything and couldn't remember. She reached out and covered his hand with a smile. "What's wrong?"? What made you unhappy? ?” It's all right. It's just that I'm a little jealous of you sleeping so soundly. I want to hug you. Szeto, like a child without sugar, said some childish words. Lu Xiaoyu was slightly stupefied, with a touch of shyness on his face, but he stretched out his hands, "Come on, hug me." “……” He stared for a moment, pressed his body down slightly, and hugged her like this. Without any other thoughts, he just wanted to hug her and make him feel that she was fine. Like this I hugged you,Flushometer valve, too. She spoke softly, her thin little hands embracing him and slowly closing her eyes. I'm so sleepy. She muttered to herself. Emperor Situ gave a silent "grace" and buried his head deep in her neck. In a twinkling of an eye, August is approaching. But what is the reason? God damn it Why can't I find Jan? Still The reason lies somewhere else? Is it Shen Jingyan? ? On second thought I haven't seen that woman since that day. It seems that it's time to see her today! Feeling the steady breathing of the people under her, Szeto Emperor carefully loosened her arms. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. Then he reluctantly turned around and walked out of the room. Under the scorching sun, Kuan led Szeto out of the villa. Through the back yard,Time Delay Tap, and then around half of the vineyard, this came to the back garden. The winding path, in that remote corner, saw the rusty iron fence. They stood on the slope, looked down through the iron fence, and saw the woman hiding in the corner. She was biting her arm, and you could clearly see that her other hand was covered with teeth marks. "How long has she been smoking marijuana?" Szeto asked in a heavy voice. Kuan bowed his head and replied, "Your Highness, according to the doctor's observation, it's been about a year!" "En!" Szeto emperor in the mind a calculation, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, about a year. Did it start after you aborted the baby? Fundus oculi Flashing through unknown emotions. He couldn't tell whether it was hatred or pity. Open the door, I want to go in! "Yes!"! Your Highness Kuan hurriedly turned around, went around to the back of the basement, and opened the big iron door. Shen Jingyan, who was in the basement, heard the heavy opening of the iron gate and felt a burst of fresh air. She jerked to her feet and rushed out like a madman. But at the same time, he was caught and dragged to the ground. She looked up and saw another man behind the man in black. Emperor Szeto! It's you ! Let me out I am the president of the C. LK, and I am the heir! "In this world, there is no C. LK!" Szeto Huang said quietly, without a trace of waves. Tell me, what virus did you use on her? Shen Jingyan only heard the first half of the sentence, his face suddenly sank, pale to frighten people. She reached out and covered her face. "Ha ha ha-" she laughed. "No, no. Daddy It's gone. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said bitterly, "You killed Wei!"! You won't come to a good end. ! You won't have it. ! Ha ha ha ! I won't tell you. ! I will make you regret. ! You won't come to a good end. ! Let me out !” "I didn't kill Mo Wei. You killed him yourself!" Said Szeto. I? How could I ! How could I kill Wei? ……” Her face was suspicious and dull. Heh! If you hadn't had your way How did he end up like that?. If he wasn't trying to protect you, why would he get shot! I didn't mean to kill him. He was going to die! King of the Underworld: Chill Spreads You're talking nonsense! You're talking nonsense ! Emperor Situ ! You killed David. ! You killed him. ! It's you and your men. You killed him! It's you ! It was you. "Shen Jingyan narrowed her eyes and roared loudly.". Szeto Huang looked at her and asked repeatedly, "Say!"! Did the virus come down? !” "Meth?"? Meth ! Meth ……” Shen Jingyan misheard the sound of the word in a trance, and rushed to him again, holding his suit jacket tightly with both hands, "I want marijuana!"! You can give me meth. ! Give it to me ! Give it to me ! I want !” Tell me quickly! Is it you? "But Szeto was a little impatient. He stretched out his hand to capture her chin and pinched it tightly.". And she seemed unable to feel the pain, still repeating, "Give me!"! Give me the weed ! Give me the meth ! Give it to me !” "Let go!" Behind the wide hurriedly stepped forward, grabbed her arm, her whole person pulled away. When she let go, perhaps the force was too great, she suddenly fell to the ground, discomfited, and looked a little pitiful. On the ground were the fragments of the bowl she had broken when she went mad. Her wrist rubbed against the fragments on the floor. The fragments pierced her wrist. In an instant, the skin of her wrist was cut. Blood kept flowing out and the ground was red. Shen Jingyan was still insensitive. She turned her head and caught a glimpse of the striking scarlet. Trembling, he reached out and touched his wrist, only to feel a warm wet feeling. She put her hand in front of her, lowered her head,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and her eyes were all scarlet. In an instant, his eyes widened in horror and his pupils dilated. In my mind, I saw the scene of Mo Wei being shot. Countless blood..