The imperial concubine often passes through: it is difficult for the fleeing imperial concubine to marry again

"Subordinates understand." No need to ask, he did not hesitate, soon understood the meaning of Su Yunfeng, it seems that in this house, the only people awake, he and Wang Ye, which is why he would feel strange before.


"Subordinates understand." No need to ask, he did not hesitate, soon understood the meaning of Su Yunfeng, it seems that in this house, the only people awake, he and Wang Ye, which is why he would feel strange before. In such a big house, on weekdays, as soon as Wang Ye gave the order, someone would have been waiting for the order. How could it be like this. Soon, commander Wu brought water, and all the people in the house slept without movement. At the beginning of speeding, he started to wake up all the people in the room one by one. For a time, almost all people have not been able to react immediately from the chaos. "They should be all right. You stay here." Su Yunfeng looked at them unharmed and then turned to leave. "Where is Wang Ye going?" Commander Wu immediately blocked his way. "My subordinates dare to ask Wang Ye not to go anywhere!" "You're afraid I'll be in danger if I leave Lanling, aren't you?" "Yes!" He lowered his head and knelt down on one knee. "Before his subordinates came back, they heard a tip that a surname of Dongjun was already here. Although he was in plain clothes, his subordinates were not worried about anything else. They were just afraid that Wang Ye was alone now. Dongjun would deliberately look for a chance because of the marriage of Princess Xiyan." Su Yunfeng shook his head,stainless steel needle valve, "since you want to start, even if there is no chance, they will naturally find out there." Not only Lu Zhanbai, but the situation he has to face now is more careful than any time before. The sudden arrival of Lu Zhanbai at the banquet, as well as the wings that disappeared with Xiaochan, and those who were drugged unconscious,14 needle valve, the medicine was not ordinary, what they wanted was the lives of all the people in the house! Do you think you can deal with me, Su Yunfeng, so easily? Even if everything in front of you is just a flag in your plan, you should not wantonly dominate the life and death of the people around me. Ridiculous! The smile in Su Yunfeng's eyes, with a firm confidence, seems to have returned to the past, every time he went to war, he devised strategies. Want to win me is not impossible, but want to take away the people I want to protect, don't blame Sumou for offending! "Arrange everything here properly, remember, needle valve manufacturer ,12 needle valve, don't let Lanling know anything happened here.". I don't want Jinyu to let Lanling be attacked everywhere again because of these! The people he wants to protect will not be harmed any more! Small Zen, since made a vow, is to stay together until old. The dividing line of the snow bud The night was like ink. Lu Zhanbai leaned against the desk. The candle flickered on and off, shining on his pale face. From time to time, he endured the pain, at least frowning deeply. The wound was deep in the shoulder, and the pain was inevitable, but he did not say a word, and his eyes fell on the person who had been treating the wound for him. In the Nick of time, he did not expect this result. It was unexpected, but it was what he had been looking forward to. "The wound is very deep. I'm just dealing with it simply. Wait a minute. You'd better find someone who knows the business." The calm and indifferent voice said this sentence to him again after a long time. "That's good." Lu Zhanbai smiled, and for a long time he had not heard her say a word to him so calmly. "It's up to you. Your own life is up to you." She washed her hands, then rolled up her sleeves and stood some distance away from Lu Zhanbai. "I was surprised that you could come, but I was more happy." "Are you happy that you are not dead, or are you happy that you can die in my hands, so that you will be more acceptable!" Turning around, she faced Lu Zhanbai, whose eyes were as bright as stars and as calm as ice, and coldly swept away Lu Zhanbai. "If that's the case, I can give you what you want!" ! ~! Text Chapter 582 Su Yunfeng Chapter 93 With a smile on his lips, Lu Zhanbai looked at Fang Xiaochan not far away, and the smile gradually expanded. What are you laughing at? Don't think that I would have been so kind to save you just now! She looked at him coldly. "You really haven't changed at all, not at all!" Lu Zhanbai said softly. Xiaoru's swordsmanship is fierce, with the momentum of killing, without the slightest intention of letting him live. Lu Zhanbai's heart is always guilty, so just now, he will be in the hand, every step is merciful. Fang family that year dozens of lives, he carries in the body, these years, he is how to come through, which hardships, only oneself know. Little Chan's hope now, he can't destroy it with one hand. "I didn't come to hear you say that." She sank her voice. "If that's the case, you won't come to see me. I'm afraid I'll die under the sword of Xiao Ru tonight." Lu Zhanbai smiled bitterly and reached out to touch the wound. "Xiaoru won't vent his anger on you because of this, will he?" "He is my brother!" Fang Xiaochan turned to look outside, with unspeakable pain in his eyes. The child was really angry, and after she failed to stop the assassination of Lu Zhanbai, Fang Xiaochan even saw in his eyes the intention of killing that he had never seen before,brass tube fitting, not just to Lu Zhanbai. ~~ She reluctantly moved the corners of her mouth so that she would not worry too much. You only know why I came to see you, don't you? "You believe what I'm going to say to you?!" Lu Zhan's white eyes brightened and his voice was somewhat moved. "You say it, and I'll leave after listening." 。