Xuan yuan Jue

"I don't think it's hard to guess." The fox girl smiled confidently. So you're willing to cooperate with me? Xuanyuan asked again.


"I don't think it's hard to guess." The fox girl smiled confidently. So you're willing to cooperate with me? Xuanyuan asked again. That's after you promise to agree to my terms. Foxy wouldn't give an inch to the tunnel. Xuanyuan thought for a moment and said, "If your conditions are really easy for me to do, and do not violate morality and justice, and do not harm others, why can't I agree?" Hu Ji smiled and said, "It's a deal!" "It's a deal!" Xuanyuan must be authentic. All right, what you want to cooperate with is a key. Fox Ji asked in reply. Yes, the key to this shackle. Xuanyuan raised his hand. In five days, I will give you the key, but please don't forget, you promised me! However, I can tell you that there are only two things in this lock that can be opened, one is the magic key, and the other is the axe of Pangu, one of the ten magic weapons of the Protoss! It's just that this axe is now in the hands of Xing Tian, so you can't count on it! Hu Ji did not hide, leisurely way. An axe to open the sky? Xuanyuan was stunned, and he naturally knew that in the legend, the first ancestor of Pangu used this divine axe to split heaven and earth. The clear air rose and turned into heaven, and the turbid air sank and turned into earth. The Yin and Yang air between the clear and turbid air turned into all things in the world. Therefore, Kaitian Axe is the second divine object among the ten divine weapons of the Protoss, only after Taixu Divine Armor. According to the legend of Taixu Shenjia,collapsible pallet box, it is the first connected substance of heaven and earth split by the axe, which melts the Qi of Yin and Yang into a very flexible substance, which is the most essential thing between heaven and earth. That's all. See you next time! Fox Ji finished and left leisurely. Xuanyuan believed the witch's words? Hua Zhan came forward and asked with some concern. "I can only trust her," said Xuanyuan with a wry smile. Everyone was silent for a while, who could do it to the fox girl? Unless like Tong, delirious, confused people, and Fox Ji's performance also makes people confused,collapsible bulk containers, it seems that today's Fox Ji is particularly docile, the so-called hand does not hit the smiling face, Xuanyuan is really difficult to start. Hua Zhan and Yan Jue had never seen Hu Ji so polite to people, she actually took the initiative to help Xuanyuan, which can not help but surprise them, and Hu Ji actually left a condition that people can not guess, do not know what medicine is sold in the gourd. Xuanyuan is not worried about this problem, he also felt that the fox Ji has no hostility. Of course, with Fox Ji's unparalleled charm, even if you want to kill you, you will die in a muddle, unclear, how can you feel her murder and hostility? Yan Feifei has a very good impression of Hu Ji, but she doesn't speak much. After all, her experience against the enemy is not rich enough, and the heart is relatively simple, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet bin, although intelligent, but it is difficult to measure the treachery of the heart with an ordinary heart. Therefore, she chose not to speak, anyway, the matter here is decided by Xuanyuan. This woman is really a difficult master, who is really willing to fight with her? Said the black bean. Xuanyuan can not help but smile, he knows that black beans still do not know the real background of the fox Ji, but also the fox Ji as an ordinary woman. However, this can not blame the black beans, who saw the fox Ji will not suspect that she is a murderous female demon. At this time, everyone gathered around the huge pit, can not help but all shocking, so you can imagine how crazy the blow was just now. Yan Wu and Yan Jue shook their arms, and the impact of the energy just now almost broke their arms. However, until this moment, the chest and abdomen were still a little stuffy, and they knew that it was because of some shock injuries. It's terrible. I'm afraid this madman is more powerful than Taihao! Hua Zhan muttered. Xuanyuan's expression is also a little astringent, saying: "I hope Taihao and Shaohao will not be more powerful than him, otherwise we are really not enough to fight!" Yan Feifei also had a lingering fear and said, "This man's skill is higher than my master's. I can't imagine that there is such a terrible person in the world." How did this happen? Did he eat the rest of the holy lotus? The sword slave said to himself. I think it should be like this, otherwise how can his skill grow so fast? Moreover, his power contains the most Yin and soft Qi of the holy lotus, which will spin up the soil, and his strength has shown this. It's just that I don't know how many holy lotus flowers he swallowed in one breath! Xuanyuan took a breath. "If he really swallowed the rest of the holy lotus, who in the world could subdue him?"? If he kills everywhere, I'm afraid no one can stop him! The sword slave worried tunnel. Don't be upset about this. We have to think of a way slowly. We must leave here first. If I'm right, the fight just now must have alarmed the masters stationed around. Someone will come here soon! Xuanyuan said he wanted to lead the crowd away, but when he turned around, he froze. The wild goose Feifei ten fingers slightly open, she also felt a strong killing machine like the tide to flood in. Out of the instinct of a swordsman, she bent her fingers to grasp the sword. Xing Tian! Xuanyuan's mouth gently burst out two words, and his mind suddenly became calm. It was the demon God Xing Tian who came. Although Xuanyuan only caught a glimpse of Guicheng, he had written down the appearance of Xing Tian in a hurry, so he recognized the opponent who appeared at the wrong time at a glance. Xuanyuan did not expect Xing Tian to arrive here so quickly, which is one of the last people he wants to meet at the moment, but fate always likes to joke with people, and the reality often backfires. Are you Xuanyuan? Xing Tian opened his mouth slowly, dressed in a shining green shirt without wind, like a giant snake writhing in the water, which was a dazzling and cold luster. Xing Tian's long and thin horse face was cold and white, his towering nose was like the beak of a kite, his ears were big and his mouth was wide, but he had a pair of eyes brighter than an eagle, and his slanting eyebrows were like a goshawk spreading its wings to fly, which added a bit of cold momentum. It seems that he is only about forty years old. Xing Tian was followed by two men with strange faces, one fat and one thin, each carrying a bulging bundle on his back, hard and angular, but he did not know what it was. And Xing Tian's side also stood side by side with two white-haired old men,plastic pallet suppliers, just look at the momentum will know that none of them is not a top master. As a matter of fact, the status of a person who can stand side by side with Xing Tian is absolutely not low in the ghost side, at least it is the head of a book. binpallet.com